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Many have noticed that I have not written articles on this website in a few months, but have been very active on Facebook & Twitter. This is because I have been investigating a better way to get people involved, and I decided that a blog style wasn't good enough to keep people engaged. I researched a forums software that will allow people to sign up via manually, or using their twitter handles. This style will also give people a better opportunity to interact and share their own stories, such as Google Fiber construction spotting photos, speed test results of their new connections, or anything else. For now, the link to the new forums is at , but will also redirect once we get this blog archived properly. Thank you for supporting me Read more [...]

Centurylink: No one wants 1Gbps. Here, have some slow DSL instead.

As reported by DSLreports on 3/9/2015.. CenturyLink this week proclaimed that they haven't had a whole lot of interest in the company's 1 Gbps offering since it was launched (in very limited regions) back in 2013. Still, the company says that advertising the faster service has helped sell slower tiers. "No one takes a gig service," CenturyLink CFO Stewart Ewing told attendees of the Deutsche Bank Media, Internet & Telcom Conference in Florida this week. "But they take a 20-meg [Mbps] or 40-meg service, and that’s fine. What it did is it made the phone ring." Triangle Fiber: Why did the phone ring if there is no interest in 1Gbps? Locally in Wake Forest, this is terrible news for a town whos residents, and town officials have thrown their support into fiber to the home 100% for Read more [...]

Gigabit (1000mbps) FTTH now officially available in Traditions of Wake Forest

We confirmed today that 1Gbps internet is now available in Traditions of Wake Forest via Centurylink Fiber to the Home, along with earlier reports of service being provided in Bennett Park, this makes Centurylink the first operating gigabit to the home provider in Wake Forest. As of this writing, Centurylink's new 1000Mbps "gigabit" plan is available at the retail price of $79.95 a month when bundled with TV in an extremely limited service territory in Wake Forest. In other local broadband news, RST Fiber is expected to deploy gigabit service to the Downtown Wake Forest/Wait Ave/Durham Rd corridor later this year, and Time Warner Cable will be releasing 100 & 300Mbps tiers in Q3 under the "TWC Maxx" moniker. Read more [...]

Heritage of Wake Forest: Windstream experimenting outside NC with gigabit fiber to the home

Per Fierce Telecom (Link here):   Windstream has not officially unveiled any specific plans for delivering a 1 Gbps fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) service, but according to new CEO Tony Thomas, the company is ready to deliver it in various markets. Like other telcos, Windstream has been laying fiber not only to business locations and along long-haul routes, but also increasingly into new and existing home subdivisions in the markets it serves. "Fiber to the premises is a good opportunity for Windstream and many LECs," Thomas said in an interview with FierceTelecom. "Windstream has been deploying fiber as the principal means of building out subdivisions for over a decade so we stopped putting copper in the ground for new subdivisions build." Thomas added that the priority Read more [...]

FCC to reverse law on anti-municipality broadband laws in NC, and TN

See below for full article, in short what this means for North Carolina is that municipalities will now be able to fund and/or expand community broadband networks. This also allows for networks such as Wilson, NC's "Greenlight" and Salisbury, NC's "Fibrant" to freely expand their territories and work with other towns that otherwise would not have access to next-gen gigabit to the home services. This is a major victory for a cause that I've been fighting for several years. Congratulations Will Aycock and team at Greenlight! As per For about as long this site has existed, we've documented the efforts of local towns and cities to build their own broadband networks -- efforts usually only undertaken because these towns and cities lack access to meaningful broadband competition. Read more [...]

Is Jones Dairy Farms in Wake Forest the next to get Centurylink fiber?

A little reconn. over the last week suggests that Jones Dairy Farms has a majority of infrastructure needed for Centurylink Fiber to the Home. It is also the latest in neighborhoods discovered lately that have the old Sprint fiber to the curb system installed some 15-17 years ago (A+++ to Sprint for seeing the future, almost 20 years ago!!). If you have a white pedestal with a Sprint logo on it, and a fiber optic sticker on it no more than 8 homes from you, chances are you do not have long to wait if you are anticipating surfing the internet at gigabit speeds. With that said, some pedestals in Jones Dairy Farms are visually different, they are tall green pedestals, and is unknown at this time if they contain fiber or copper infrastructure. We are reaching out to Centurylink for clarification, Read more [...]

“I live in Heritage Wake Forest, what are my fiber internet options?”

Today's post comes from Heritage Wake Forest, a beautiful place to call home, a beautiful place to be stuck on 1999 internet speeds. The #1 question I get asked in Wake Forest is the title of the post. It's a question I hear almost everyday and so I thought I would go ahead and blog about it to inform en masse. Most/All of Heritage Wake Forest telecommunications is under control of Windstream Communications. As most of you know this is not the incumbent telco provider of Wake Forest, but rather a one off oddity. It can also be said, Windstream is not a prominent telco provider in any of the Triangle, that honor goes to AT&T, and Centurylink for the Raleigh area with a few pockets of Windstream here and there. For the most part AT&T has control over Raleigh, and Centurylink paints Read more [...]

New Centurylink WF FTTH neighborhood: Stonemill Falls (Rogers Rd.)

We have confirmed today that Centurylink is installing fiber to the home in the new neighborhood “Stonemill Falls” off Rogers Rd on the Rolesville/Wake Forest line. Construction on the neighborhood is being done by Orleans Homes, and homes are starting at $324,990. For more information, see:



Updated: Where is Fiber to the Home in Wake Forest? Visualized.

To all those who may wonder just exactly where you can get fiber to the home in Wake Forest, here it is. It’s not complete, but it’s not too far away from being done, either. I expect Triangle Fiber will be doing a more detailed map of the Triangle as we progress further and further in our initiative.

*Note: colored spots represent coverage areas that have active, or will soon have active service*
Red = RST Fiber to the Home
Green = Centurylink Fiber to the Home
Blue = AT&T (If you scroll down you’ll see areas in Raleigh starting to appear)

RST Fiber progress coming along

Lots of work has been taking place by RST Fiber since we last blogged about them. Drilling, various network and hardware improvements have been made over the last month. For all those in the Wake Forest area who ask us everyday what the status is… all I can say is progress is being made, and that RST is still heavily committed to getting Wake Forest online, and is top priority!

Here is something to look forward to, we took this last night:

Speed test from Shelby, NC on RST Fiber network

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