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Guest blog from the first AT&T FTTH customer in Raleigh!

Guest blog by bdavenport This post series will be about the entire install process of AT&T Uverse on fiber.  I am already familiar with UVerse on VDSL2+ tech, but not on fiber. Picture 1, Inside the box in the closet.I recently signed the lease for a new apartment at Allister North Hills so I could move out the house I lived in for a few years in CLT NC.  Upon going through the new place I discovered a AT&T microfiber duct was run into the unit, see picture 1. Thursday (11/13/2014) evening I stopped  by the local AT&T store in North Hills to order new service.  They say I can get up to 45mbit/5mbit service.  I only needed 24mbit/3mbit (read budgeted for).  I also ordered U200 + HD + HBO for my tv viewing pleasure.  Comes to a nice little bill of $119/mo (for some Read more [...]

T-Mobile LTE now live in Wake Forest, NC

For the last year or so, T-Mobile 4G LTE has been live in the Capital Blvd (US-1) and Main St. area (Wal-mart), but their high speed wireless offerings have been limited to just a mile radius. Today, Triangle Fiber took to the streets and verified that T-Mobile LTE is largely available in most of Wake Forest. The speed of this new service is ranging from 10-40mbps down, 10-20mbps up, and will only increase over time. If you are passionate about wireless, you will appreciate that the Capital & Main St tower has 10mhz x 10mhz spectrum... Unfortunately each tower is a little different with the tower next to the Wake Forest Police Station on Taylor St only having 5mhz x 5mhz. This too will change over time as T-Mobile initiated a push for 20x20 in their biggest markets. The price Read more [...]

100Mbps FTTH now officially available in Traditions of Wake Forest

Over the weekend we received a report that 100Mbps internet is available in Traditions of Wake Forest via Centurylink Fiber to the Home. We logged into and confirmed that this new service is available. Of note, this upgrade is on the tail end of a few press reports that indicated Centurylink are deploying 1Gbps "gigabit" internet in Wake Forest. As of this writing there are no confirmed addresses in Wake Forest with gigabit services, but should not be far away from release. Centurylink is the first provider in Wake Forest with 100Mbps speeds, beating Time Warner Cable to the punch, who are expected to release 100 & 300Mbps tiers next year under the "TWC Maxx" moniker. As of this writing, Centurylink's new 100Mbps is available at the retail price of $59.95 a month Read more [...]

Centurylink “It does us no good to go out and build networks that customers don’t need or aren’t requesting.”

As reported in the New York Times on Nov 9th while doing a story on state laws that prohibit municipalities from funding their own broadband networks (much akin to other utilities such as water, or electricity) (Article here), Centurylink regional Vice President, Bill Hanchey who oversees government affairs goes on to say: "We build our network to meet customer expectations", "customers are not clamoring for the speed provided by fiber.", "It does us no good to go out and build networks that customers don’t need or aren’t requesting." Well Mr. Hanchey, we respectfully disagree, and Triangle Fiber represents over 2,000+ homes in Wake Forest, that HAVE demanded speeds that only fiber can deliver, it has in fact been reported in several local press outlets of such demand that was generated Read more [...]

Where is Fiber to the Home in Wake Forest? Visualized.

To all those who may wonder just exactly where you can get fiber to the home in Wake Forest, here it is. It’s not complete, but it’s not too far away from being done, either. I expect Triangle Fiber will be doing a more detailed map of the Triangle as we progress further and further in our initiative.


*Note: colored spots represent coverage areas that have active, or will soon have active service*
Red = RST Fiber to the Home
Green = Centurylink Fiber to the Home
Blue = AT&T (If you scroll down you’ll see areas in Raleigh starting to appear)

Status of residential fiber internet in Wake Forest – November 2014

***Triangle Fiber exclusive report*** After reports earlier this week in Triangle Business Journal, and News & Observer that RST are on hold in Wake Forest... We have decided to release the current status of fiber internet in Wake Forest so all can be better informed of the current deployments, and where we go from here. Centurylink: Started in Wake Forest early 2013 Speeds: According to, addresses in Traditions can only subscribe online anywhere between 1.5mbps and 25mbps, though if you talk to Adam from Centurylink store in Wake Forest, I believe speeds up to 80-100mbps can be subscribed to. Long term: Local press have been advised by Centurylink that they will not be upgrading the entire town with gigabit fiber, and have also declined comment on where Read more [...]

Over the river and through the… Forest.

All, It is with great pleasure that I write this. Progress is being made in the deployment of fiber to the home in Wake Forest. Before I remove the smile from my face, this investment isn't being done by a $1B+ telephone company, but rather by a small start up by the name of RST Fiber from rural North Carolina. That's right, a company with less employees than there are days in a month are deploying a next-gen internet experience across the state, and rising to the gigabit city challenge set forth by former FCC chairman Julius Genachowski in 2013. To date, RST Fiber have more than 3,100 miles of fiber in it's network arsenal, and a relationship with Cisco for the best equipment and service on the market. On September 9th, Piedmont Utility Group (Contractor for RST Fiber) arrived in the Read more [...]

What is Triangle Fiber? Who is Dan Holt? And where is my fiber?

Hello Wake Forest (And Rolesvillle, Youngsville, Bunn, Zebulon, Knightdale, Holly Springs!) Recently there's been a lot of exposure to this initiative, so I thought I'd take an opportunity to explain what exactly Triangle Fiber (formally Wake Forest Fiber) is, and the man behind the curtain. Triangle Fiber literally started in my yard located on Wait Ave in Downtown Wake Forest, (early 2013) when the local DSL provider redlined passed our house with fiber to deploy it to a new development at the end of our street. At that time we were a dis-satisfied DSL/IPTV household located only a few blocks over from the Telco's central office, who had constant truck rolls to fix our glitchy service. I explained the situation a little bit to Broadband Communities Magazine back in April. (see Read more [...]

Centurylink offers gigabit fiber in Wake Forest (new subdivisions only.)

As reported today in the Wake Forest Gazette (story here), Centurylink have slipped some extremely vague information to our local press when asked about their gigabit fiber deployments. Centurylink would like the people of Wake Forest to know that they are only deploying their finest fiber service to new neigborhoods (but wish not to reveal which ones), and will not be upgrading the more historic parts of town, aka anyone who has legacy copper/DSL services, this sort of PR is also nicknamed "Fiber to the Press Release". This is an empty promise or a ruse to entice the town that they are a major player in the gigabit fiber arena. Let's be clear, they will NOT be installing this service all over Wake Forest, and have confirmed so in their press release. As some people know, the whole reason Read more [...]
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